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Exploring the Melrose Park Community in Illinois
Melrose Park is a village in IL that holds 21,853 people. This area is part of Cook County and is a very friendly and caring community. The...
 Things To Do
Things To Do
What Are Some Things to do In Melrose Park, IL?
It’s easy to dismiss a quiet village like Melrose Park as a culturally rich but an inactive town. Nothing could be farther from the...
How Can I Find the Best Melrose Park, IL Hotels?
There are several hotels in Melrose Park, Illinois and even more in surrounding communities. Let’s start by considering some of the...
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A Guide to Melrose Park Illinois Restaurants
Is that your stomach rumbling or mine? Everyone has to eat, and if you find your self in Illinois in need of something to fill the void, there is...
 Real Estate
Real Estate
Beautiful Real Estate in Melrose Park, Illinois
The real estate scene in Melrose Park, Illinois is booming. Prices of Melrose Park, Illinois homes have skyrocketed in resale value over the last...
A Guide to Shopping in Melrose Park, IL
It is time to grab the girls and head out shopping! If you are on vacation, or just new to the city, you might be wondering where the best...
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Melrose Park Latest Blog Posts
What About Desserts in Melrose Park, Illinois?

Is your sweet tooth calling for something? Youre in luck if you find yourself in Melrose Park, Illinois. There are all sorts of shops and bakeries to appease that hungry little sweet spot of yours.The Ancona Bakery is located on 25 E North Ave, and has some of the best sweets in the village. They not only have Italian pastries, but also cookies, cakes, and sweet breads. Is someone...

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Church and Religious Landmarks in Melrose Park, IL

Melrose Park, IL is known for a lot of thingsits wild nightlife, its top-notch schools, its restaurants and its culture-first community. However, you cannot underestimate the presence of the...

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Who are the People of Melrose Park, IL?

There are over 21,000 people in this village, which size and influence can easily be compared to a city. If you are thinking of relocating to Melrose Park, then it might be a good idea to be...

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Welcome to Melrose Park, IL!

Melrose Park, Illinois is a village found on Cook County, IL. The estimated population is 21,853. Demographically speaking, it is a diverse part of the area, home to many Italian Americans and Mexican Americans. As Mayor Ronald M. Serpico's states on the villages video introduction, this is a village where people still talk to their neighbors over the fence. This is a place where moms watch over each others children and where church services are central to family life.

The village of Melrose Park sees a great deal of community interactions, volunteering, tree-filled streets, rich culture and a nice mix of older and newer homes. No wonder the village has nicknamed itself the Corporate King of the Suburbs. Whether you are relocating to Melrose Park, IL or are visiting for a weekend, familiarizing yourself with the village will only heighten your experience.

Some of the top attractions in the village include the Kiddieland Amusement Park, the Maywood Park Racetrack, the Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Stern Pinball. There are 38 Melrose Park restaurants in the area. Some of the most popular restaurants are Abruzzos Restaurant, Harlo Grill, Sorrento Village Italian Rest and Tom's Steak House.

Melrose Park, Illinois is a great place for community, as there are Melrose Park jobs mostly in the areas of food and accommodation services, construction and educational services. Notable Melrose Park hotels include Days Inn Melrose Park, Garden Inn Suites and the Econo Lodge O'Hare Airport. Real estate in the area includes many types of housing units such as detached houses, townhouses, large homes, antique homes and mobile homes. For transportation, there is the Metra Railroad Station. For emergency contact there are two hospitals situated: the Westlake Hospital and Gottlieb Memorial Hospital.

This is a village thats easy to live in and fun for vacation planning. Why not stop by and see the Corporate King of the Suburbs for yourself?

Current Weather For Melrose Park, illinois
Cloudy, 32°F on Friday, November 28, 2014
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Mostly Cloudy / Wind
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Whoa Nellie! Stern and Whizbang Pinball Bring Melon Season Early This Year!
Source: Yahoo News | Oct 16th, 2014 1:02PM
MELROSE PARK, Ill., Oct. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Stern Pinball, Inc., the world's oldest and largest producer of arcade-quality pinball...
Stern Pinball Releases Custom Accessories For The Walking Dead Pinball Machine
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MELROSE PARK, Ill., Oct. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Stern Pinball, Inc., the world's oldest and largest producer of arcade-quality pinball...
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21-year prison sentence in armed robbery
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URBANA ? A Melrose Park teen with no prior convictions has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for his first. Tavarus Murray, 17, will be...
Stern Pinball Brings The Walking Dead To Life
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In the NFL this year, officials can flag players for obscene, abusive, threatening or insulting language. This rule was already in place, and it?s...
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